Király Vajk

(vocals, guitars, ukulele)

I was born on 12th of August, 1974 in Szeged (Hungary, Europe).
I started to play the guitar when I was 14. Naturally, first I played only old Hungarian hit songs using maximum five chords. At 16 I became a Doors fan, and we formed a school band "Pearls of Qpac", which lasted for two noisy performances.
Then I heard about the acoustic blues from a musician called "Bee". This was a milestone. Interesting enough I have never been attracted to heavy metal or disco music. All in all I started looking for available music. The time when I decided to stick to the acoustic blues of the 20s and 30s was when I heard recordings from Blind Boy Fuller and others (Blind Blake, Charlie Patton, Robert Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt, Bo Carter).
One of the greatest inspiration happened in 1992, when I heard the Yugoslavian guitarist and vocalist, Macan (Homesick Mac) at the Mojo Club Szeged. He was the one who pointed out that it is not enough to practice at home alone, but I have to go out and play in front of people without worrying about the quantity of my music or whether I know the songs well enough. I took his advice and my first appearance in public was on 14 May, 1993 at the Mojo Club Szeged . A few months later on 3 of July I have performed at the first Adafest (Ada, Yugoslavia), for about 2000 people, thanks to my friends there.
It was through Homesick Mac that I got to know the german Rainer Wöffler. Since 1995 I have regularly visited him in Munich to play music on the streets and to be filled up with blues from the thousands of CDs, LPs, MCs what he had collected. 

Hrabovszky Tamás

(harmonica, vocals)

I was born on the 2nd of February, 1969 in Szeged.
My first experience with blues was Peter Nemes Nagy's blues programs on the radio. I started playing the harmonica in January 1993 after hearing Tamas Szabo who played with Bistro Blues Band at the Mojo Club Szeged and the next day at JATE Club in Szeged with Palermo Boogie Gang. His musicality on the mouth organ fascinated me. I asked him to show me the basics of playing the instrument, which he kindly agreed to.
I got also many of my harmonica recordings from him.
In May of 1993 on a beer festival I talked to Peter Török guitarist, who is by the way a relative of mine, and we realized that both of us are close to blues music, so came the idea to form a band. This was the birth of my band the Blues Bell, where besides a drummer and a guitarist I play the harmonica and I sing as well.
We have already had a few performances when Vajk called and very simply invited me to play with the Rambling Blues. As it turned out, it was my "predecessor", Istvan Harmati who recommended me for his post. I gladly accepted, why not? The challenge was important, because very different techniques, sounds and performance styles are part of this music. Different from the ones used in "electric" blues.

Szabó Csaba

(percussions, washboard)

I was born in Zenta, Vajdaság (ex-Yugoslavia) on the 25th of September, 1969. At the end of the 80s I moved to Szeged and I have lived here ever since. I am married and I have lovely twin sons, and besides playing music I work at a Bearing Shop as a manager.
I taught myself to play the drums. I have been actively playing for more than 30 years now, and I was lucky to be able to try my talent in various styles. I have played from rock to jazz, blues and for a while I played in a brazil band.
Currently I am also member of several different style bands, and I really enjoy the variety!
In the Rambling first I used only a snare drum (with brooms) and hi-hats, alter on I expanded with a small bass drum (which is replaced by a cajon in th emeantime) and washboard, just as well as several various rattling, clinking, clicking and jingling instruments. As there are only three of us in the band I have the opportunity to do many solos as well.